AEC is my stepping-stone to succeed my Australian journey

學生名稱 :Frankie LAI
升讀院校 :Taylors College (Perth)

It is grateful and amazing that I have been to Australia for 7 years. I started to research and prepare to study in Australia in the late 2013 and I started studying in Taylors College (Perth), which is my foundation program started. The reason that I found AEC is my trusted consultant because my sister and cousin were also one of their students and their succeeds through AEC made me feel confident that AEC is a responsible and accountable agent consultant.

And I would like to thank my former agent, Candy, who helped me to handle all enrolment applications, Visa, homestay, banking and all my uncertainties about the courses in my foundation program. And of course, I would like to give a big credit to my current agent, Emily, she is so responsible and efficient to handle my postgraduate enrolment and also recently helped me to renew my student visa, so that I can successfully to continue my postgraduate studies in the University of Sydney.

During these 7 years, Australia brings me many good memories because it does not only provide me a good study environment, the natural atmosphere here also greatly broadens my horizon, and I can truly experience the beauty of mother of earth. So please treat it as your life experience and spend more time to explore the differences if you have an opportunity to study in Australia!!!!