Australia is the Best Place to Study Aviation

學生名稱 :Jeffrey Chong
升讀院校 :SAIBT

My name is Jeffrey Chong. I am studying diploma of engineering at SAIBT right now. Afterwards, I will study bachelor of aviation at UniSA.

I would like to thank the education consultant of aec Education Consultancy, for helping me to apply for the degree. Around half-year ago, I found that Australia is the best place to study aviation. Therefore I had decided to study overseas. I got the address of aec Education Consultancy by searching in the website of the school. Then I went there for help. I met the consultantand he explained the process of application to me patiently. Also, He was very kind and taught me how to apply for the degree step by step until I had done all the application. He even helped me to solve the problem of the accommodation. After dropping this huge weight off me, I felt so relieved. All the advice was given by him clearly. Without his assistance, things could not go smoothly.

Until now, the education consultant and I are still keeping in touch. I am very pleased to meet him because he has helped me a lot. I have already started my semester and everything has been settled down.