Do not treat this great opportunity to study abroad as a torture

學生名稱 :LEUNG Alfred
升讀院校 :Monash University

Ever since 2016, I started to think of studying abroad. I chose Australia because I used to live there and it’s a nicer area in terms of safety and living standards compared to the US or the UK. I currently study pharmacy at Monash University in Melbourne. Studying here has changed my perception of learning. People do not just remember everything but they think a lot. Institutions focus on how to make the student understands the content instead of stuffing all the information into your brain.

In terms of English proficiency, I learnt from watching youtube. Find something that you enjoy on YouTube and learn how native speakers talk. Learning a language requires imitation and youtube is a perfect platform for your reference. And do try to fit in and talk to domestic students. A majority of them are nice people, they won’t air you if you’re international. They might make a bit of fun when you make a mistake but they are just doing that for a laugh and treat you as a mate. So, do not be afraid.

Melbourne is a great city to live in. Things might be more expensive than the ones in Hong Kong but it’s a good experience to live alone and learn how to be independent. If possible, do not miss home too much or else you will be extremely mentally tired during the semester thinking of when to go back to Hong Kong. Try to create a life without your parents and it will be an enjoyable time if you could achieve so. Try to find a part time job on top of your studies to make life more remarkable especially when the pay check comes through.

Do not treat this great opportunity to study abroad as a torture. Make the most out of it as you’re very lucky to expose to different culture and living dynamics.

Finally I would like to thank you Emily and aec team for all your support in arranging the study abroad for me!