Emily has made my dream possible with her encouragement and support

學生名稱 :HO Beatrice
升讀院校 :James Cook University

It has always been my dream to go into the field of dentistry and with the help of AEC, I am able to accomplish this dream by attending university in Australia. I am about to enter my second year of dental school at James Cook University in Cairns, and I still cannot believe that I am here.

Initially, I did not know much about the dental schools here in Australia, but with the encouragement of Emily Cheung from AEC, I have ended up attending one of the best universities in the countries that has the most clinic hours to prepare me for when I graduate. As a student with an American background, the transition to Australia was not easy, but AEC ensured the transition to go as smoothly as possible. They were great with ensuring my applications were complete to each school, and when I was accepted, they took care of my visa application and assured that I had everything I needed to begin my new adventure.

Emily has made this dream possible with her encouragement and support. She was always there to help me whenever I had questions about applications along the way and would actively seek answers to questions whenever I them. I am very grateful to the AEC company for their help and assistance, and without them, I would not be four short years away from accomplishing my dreams of becoming a dentist.