Give more freedom to children & let them develop their own paths for future

學生名稱 :MAN Chung Yin & MAN Chung Sze
升讀院校 :University of Queensland Foundation

It is never an easy decision when you are planning to send your children to go abroad for their further studies as there are too many variations out there especially in a strange environment.  What’s more, there are many things to be considered and if anything goes wrong, it might ruin your child’s study life.

About three & half years ago, when my son got a chance to visit the exhibition about studying in Australia held by aec in Hong Kong Exhibition Center, he was so interested in Queensland University and starting from there, we started to collect the information about the application process.

With the help from aec, the process went very smoothly;  particularly from Emily, she had helped us a lot to sort out every crucial details like how to apply for the living place, the visa application process, etc.   Because of her help, we were able to send my son to study in Australia without any worries.  It was a pleasure to have aec as a guide for my children’s future.

In mid of 2014, we asked the help from aec again as we were also planning to send my daughter to Australia for her future studies as well.  It is so good to have aec to help for the application process again.  It is particular good that aec had hold  a “Talk” about the Studying Life in Australia and shared some good experience to those who were planning to go there soon.

We have chosen Brisbane for our children as it is the choice of my son; besides, the environment is very good, weather is nice throughout the four seasons & also the academic atmosphere is strong.     As one of the parents, this is the city that I would recommend for children to go as Queensland University is also one of the top 8 Universities in Australia.