I grew into who I am now throughout my time in STC

學生名稱 :CHAN Natalie
升讀院校 :St. Catherine’s School

I started boarding at St. Catherine’s School (STC) at the beginning of year 9 in 2015. Being in a new country without any friends and family is pretty daunting. But luckily, I settled in quite well with the help of new friends and staff in the boarding house. When we first visited the boarding house, I immediately fell in love with the environment of the place, the warm and welcoming atmosphere convinced me to start my boarding life in STC. It is a small boarding house compared to other schools, with roughly 50-60 people. Living in a small boarding house means a closer and tighter relationship with everyone. The close intimacy between everyone creates a loving family and a second place to call home. The caring and dedicated boarding staffs are always there when we needed them. Outside of the boarding house, I participated actively in different school activities such as musicals, sports and community service. On a side note, I was given the opportunity to play double bass without any prior experience, and I ended up loving it and played in orchestra. Being in a small school means that there are many opportunities. You don’t have to be good at something, you just need to be willing to give it a go.

Throughout my four years in STC, I grew into who I am now. I am thankful for all the opportunities that this school has given me, whether it is the opportunity to lead as boarding house captain or the opportunity to discover my passion and myself.