I really appreciate all the work my consultant has done

學生名稱 :CHAN David
升讀院校 :Griffith University

I started to find “aec” for providing education consultancy since 2017. Three years passed away and now I am graduated from Griffith University in Australia. I really appreciate my consultant ‘Samentha Tang’ for giving me the advice at the beginning. Samentha suggested two universities to me, which are the Griffith University and the University of Newcastle. Finally, Griffith University accepted my application. Throughout these 3 years, I have experienced a lot and learn a lot, not only from Griffith University but also from the friendly environment of Gold Coast. Gold Coast is a city that is famous for her tourism. The culture of the Aussie impressed me, and they are always polite and nice to others.

Anyway, I would like to give my deep appreciation to “aec”.  If you want to seek for advice, “aec” and Samentha would be your first choice.