It is marvellous to have “aec” support

學生名稱 :TO Jack
升讀院校 :Curtin University

I am studying in Curtin University in Australia. It was truly a warm experience having “aec” to help me in choosing my university. When I first came to “aec” to ask for advice, I had no clear direction in my future path of higher education. I was confused and clueless with choosing a suitable university programme for myself. But aec’s Phoebe provided me various information and booklets about different universities after understanding my interests and career expectations. It allowed me to have a better understanding in different university programmes and the advantages of different universities. Also, I can contact “aec” through Whatsapp. They respond to my enquiry in a short period of time to satisfy my need so it is marvellous to have “aec” supporting me.