Picking in up very easily in an English speaking environment

CHENG Ngai Sang Felix
學生名稱 :CHENG Felix
升讀院校 :Trinity College

I am Felix, a student who studied the October fast track foundation course in Trinity College.

I remember when I arrived Melbourne, the very first impression that I had is that it is a multicultural city. For example the types of food you can have in Melbourne is huge; English, Australian, Korean, Chinese, Hongkongese, Taiwan, Scottish etc. This city is also filled with many different types of entertainments that my friend and I can take part in, which makes the life here to be more “alive” and outgoing.

The Trinity College is a College which was filled with a number of people with different cultural background, so that I have a chance to make friends with students from different nationalities. Because I am studying in a fast track, and fast tracks tend to have less people in the same class, therefore it provided me a chance to know most of them and be friends with them. Through talking to them and interacting with my friends I have learnt a lot and become a little more mature on my thinking – at least I would begin to plan my future rather than expecting that everything with work its way through when the time comes. My friends, had also became my crutches which supports me when I suffer from different issues in Melbourne – they were kind enough to help me out when I am stressing about the exams and needed assistance on my revisions; my best friend would always be there listening to me when I get emotional.

The foundation studies itself isn’t too hard as most of the people have already completed HKDSE before they come here, or finished an equivalent course back in their home countries. For these people the foundation course is more like to study the same thing again and achieve a better result to fulfill the requirement of entering the University of Melbourne. I am a little different than the ordinary HK students there as I have been studying in UK for a few years, and I have never, or barely came across to the stuff that were taught in this foundation course so I need to pay a little more effort to achieve the marks. Fortunately the things that the foundation course teaches were not too hard and I could still manage well on this – so I believe that it won’t be a problem for the others who wish to study in Trinity.

If you are planning to study in Trinity College, I would say that you have made the right choice as you will be learning a lot either inside or outside the lesson, and the friendly environment will make you to settle down easily. Be brave to speak English, and speak more, your level of English doesn’t matter as you will be picking it up very easily in an English speaking environment.