Saved me a lot of time and money

LAI Wang To Derek
學生名稱 :LAI Wang To Derek
升讀院校 :The University of Western Australia

After working as a Project Manager for a medically related NGO for 4 years, I quitted my job in the beginning of 2013 to apply for medicine, something I longed for since Secondary School. Step one to apply for the Graduate Entry Medical Program is to take the GAMSAT exam in the end of March, while studying for the exam, I came across AEC which offer assistance for student to study abroad and Samentha Tang was the consultant to work on my application.

In our first meeting, Samentha explained carefully of how aec can support my application; to consolidate all the document of different Universities and submit them on my behalf, then keep track of my application status. It was a relief to know that aec can make certify copies of my transcripts and certificates, which saved me a lot of time and money. Samentha also gave me the reality that it will be a challenge to apply for medicine, but she has had successful applicants, she was spot on because by 2013, it was already my fourth application since 2005.

However, it was too much of a rush to study for an intensive exam within 2 months, I only got a score of 10 percentile, and all the rejection emails flooded in within two weeks. It was disappointing, but I regrouped after the summer and just had do it one last time, so I study the exam from scratch.

By May 2014, my GAMSAT score was 60 percentile, it was not a very high score, but at least I stand a much better chance this time. I patiently waited after Samentha submitted all my applications, the first rejection email came about a month after submission, but two weeks after that, UWA sent an invitation for interview in Hong Kong in mid-July. I was thrill, the more exciting news was that UWA gave me an offer a week after the interview, not three as mentioned by the interviewer. Samentha called me about the news as that email went into my junk folder. At that moment, I was still pending on feedback on interview from other 3 Universities, so after a quick discussion with Samentha, I took the offer and did not look back.

After that, it was to organise the paper work with UWA, visa application and body check to fulfill the VISA and UWA requirement, Samentha was always there to offer guidance to ensure everything goes smoothly. I will move to Perth in the beginning of January 2015. I appreciate the help from Samentha throughout my two applications. I accomplished a task which I used to think was impossible, but this is merely the beginning.