say “thank you” to aec Education Consultancy

學生名稱 :TANG Evelyn
升讀院校 :John Paul College

When we decided to send Evelyn for studying overseas, it is difficult to select which country and city with many considerations. I would like to say “thank you” to aec Education Consultancy manager Miss Emily Cheung for giving many sound suggestions and helping Evelyn to apply high school in Australia in a short period after discussion. She helped us to arrange everything timely such as AEAS examination, student visa and accommodation. She also gave us useful information and precaution when studying in Australia. Finally, Evelyn applied John Paul College.

After the first term of preparatory study, we felt that Australia is one of the best places for studying. Evelyn has adapted well to the new school and host family. She also can manage her activities of daily living in order. We found that she regained self-confidence and happy face. Even though we are living in two different cities, we have “facetime” everyday to share our happiness and worries.