She is one of the most loyal and most supportive people I’ve ever met

TONG Kin Hei Gareth
學生名稱 :ONG Kin Hei Gareth
升讀院校 :The University of Queensland

I’m here to share my experiences of studying in Brisbane. I’ve been staying in Brisbane for four years. I am currently doing a bachelor degree in business management at the University of Queensland.

Get into Uni, it is not only the personal effort but also get support and assistant from AEC, especially Ms Emily Cheung, she is one of the most loyal and most supportive people I’ve ever met. No matter my request is troublesome, she is always happy to provide a professional opinion. For instance, I was so struggling my academic performance in my foundation year, Emily provided several assistants for other Uni offers and advised direction of my career.

Studying overseas is not an easy stuff, you have to deal with culture and the environmental change.

In Brisbane, locals are kind and helpful when you face any difficulties. Just remember that you have to be confident talk to them. Don’t be shy!

In terms of weather, Brisbane summer period starts from Mid-November to Mid March; winter period starts from March up to Mid-November.

To sum up, I’m happy to studying in Brisbane and appreciate any assistant from aec.