Studying abroad broadens horizon!

LAI Kwan Hon Nicky
學生名稱 :LAI Kwan Hon Nicky
升讀院校 :SIBT

My son, Nicky always wants to study abroad so as to broaden his horizon. So when he was in S6, we thought that he was mature enough to look after himself so we decided to let him fulfill his dream – studying in Australia. We have visited Australia before and in fact we know nothing about Australia’s education system. Through my friend’s recommendation, we contacted aec and found that the staff there was so helpful. Thanks to Emily, she is really patient and helpful. She didn’t mind answering all our questions (including some silly questions) and gave us a lot of useful advice. She walked with us step by step, from helping us to fill in the forms, choosing the courses with us to faxing lots of documents for us. Her help makes us feel that the application procedures are not so complicated as we imagine. Her smile and her sincere manner always bring us comfort, especially when we are facing difficulties.

Now, my son is studying in SIBT (Macquarie University). He enjoys his new school life and has just made some new friends. He has become more sociable, independent and responsible. We are happy to see this change. Hope that he will have a fruitful life in Australia.