Thanks to aec’s unlimited support, I can study in Melbourne much easier

學生名稱 :WONG Hiu Ching Leona
升讀院校 :Monash University

As Australia is a multi-cultured country occupied with passion, love, sincerity and sunshine, it would be the greatest decision I have ever made–spend my precious university life here.

Giving my greatest appreciation to aec and Emily, thanks for their unlimited supports, I can study in Melbourne much easier. They really help me a lot for all of the stuff such as lodging the application, applying student visa, giving me advices for my accommodation, arranging airport pickup service, and even follow up services.

I am sure that study oversea would be a big challenge for everyone especially for those who are studying their first year. Apart from adapting into a brand new environment, you also need to learn how to be an independent person. However, everything would be alright if you don’t hesitate to seek helps from others when you in need and you would like to be an active learner.

Definitely, if you want to experience western culture and lifestyle by studying in Australia, I believe that aec will provide you the best supports and the most comprehensive information.