The continual communication with me turned out to be extremely helpful

Nadine HAAS
學生名稱 :Nadine HAAS
升讀院校 :Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

I was looking for a consultant able to guide and help me to apply to a university in Australia. Sarah Lam – from aec Education Consultancy – has proven to be an excellent help. She was well organized and always on top of various deadlines for the application process. Over the months I was always kept up to date via email and phone. The continual communication with me turned out to be extremely helpful, as the application process is rather lengthy & complicated. With Sarah’s efficiency & positive attitude I was able to choose the right university course and complete all the applications in time.

Overall I can certainly say she was very thorough, trustworthy and kind. I would highly recommend Sarah to any other students who wish to study in Australia!