the most supportive and consists of the professional, considering and responsive consultants

NGAN Yik Cheung
學生名稱 :NGAN Yik Cheung
升讀院校 :Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

I started to research and prepare my further study in late 2015. During this period, I have contacted with several education consultancy companies and found that “aec” is the most supportive one which consists of the professional, considering and responsive consultants.

My professional consultant – Sarah –  took into consideration my interests and career prospect and my previous study record to sort out several postgraduate programmes that meet my needs. It is worth mentioning that Sarah helped us and accompany to handle the enrolment application, visa and provide advice on accommodation, banking and other general stuff which released our anxiety.  Finally, I successfully enrolled into the Master of Business (Professional Accounting) Programme organised by Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in mid-2016.

QUT – one of top business universities in Australia – follows its vision “A University for the Real World” to provide various opportunities and channels to boost our soft skills and networking abilities on top of the focus on academic performance. We could gather with students of other majors and generate ideas from different angles and perspectives in the Business Advantage Program, exchange ideas and acquire leadership skills through Leadership and Development Program; and approach the professionals and entrepreneurs to understand the latest market trend via Real world placement and the Mentor Scheme.

QUT also establishes student service centre to support the international students. Being surrounded in this friendly community, we are easily to build up the real friendships with classmates from different part of the world. It is a precious moment to understand their cultures and history background, cooperate with each other in group projects and, definitely, improve my English.

Last but not least, I could not pursue this valuable OZ life without support from AEC and Sarah.   I truly believe the overseas experiences and exposure could play a pivotal role in my future development. What’s more, Sarah and me are still keeping in touch. I am looking forward to meeting you in Brisbane/ Hong Kong. Thank You.