This is a new challenge for me to get involved…

CHOI Yi Ching
學生名稱 :CHOI Yi Ching
升讀院校 :University of Sussex ISC

This is my first year in University of Sussex and I’m doing law. Brighton is an amazing town in England. The environment, the people, the places, the restaurants are good. In this few months in Brighton, I started to explore my view of the world, the lifestyle here is much better than Hong Kong and the study environment is also nice. As an international student, this is a new challenge for me to get involved, for example, joining different societies and meeting new friends from other countries. The most important thing is that I have a great opportunity to improve my English.

To be honest, I felt helpless about my destination after the IB exam. Study overseas is what I wanted to do, but I had no ideas how to apply and what should I prepare. I want to say thank you to aec and my education consultant, Samentha, who has helped me to solve the problem. She gave me a list of suggestions and provided me with a lot of advice. During summer, I went through each step with Samentha, she guided me and helped me out to manage most of the things such as checking details with the school, giving the latest update and arranging documents. If you want to study overseas or just want to ask a question, aec will always welcome you and give you the best service.