Really like the service of aec Education Consultancy and Miss Lam


I really find the aec consultancy very helpful especially Miss Lam who helped me go through all sorts of trouble. It was difficult finding a good choice of university in Australia but Miss Lam help me find a good university. She helped me with lots of problem which I did not understand from the university. I was getting late for the enrolment for the semester and Miss Lam asked the university staff that if I can arrive a bit late. The university said that’s fine as long as I arrived before the first week. So, the due date the university gave me was 5th March and it was already February. I still did not have my visa yet. On 23rd February, I got a mail from Miss Lam saying that I got a visa. So, I booked a flight on 28th February and arrived on university on time. I really like the service of aec Education Consultancy and Miss Lam. I am very glad that I went there.

PS. She even helped me apply for the bank in Australia which made things easier

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